Poster Stands In The Modern World

Poster Stands Persist in The Modern World

It truly is hip to be square, or at least rectangular, when you consider the persistence of some pretty simple marketing components. Banners and especially posters simply would not be the ever-valuable marketing tools they are today, were it not for the humble stand that supports them. Poster stands have evolved, it is true, yet retained their essential simplicity and massive usefulness. When your display arena is empty, how else do you position your visual imagery without using them?

Their material has improved, their effectiveness has improved, and they persist as standard marketing gear in any proactive company. That says something, and as such, a perhaps basic evolution from legacy sandwich boards, poster stands today certainly prove their usefulness. Whether it is a lollipop stand or an H stand, or several, both are perfectly designed to employ in high traffic locales because they are secure and durable in that environment. They can be set up and taken down in a jiffy too, and both can be colour coded to match corporate or campaign colours.

The Value of Poster Stands

They provide probably the most versatile, swift, and effective method of advertising your brand. They are able to shine in so many arenas. Snap frames make swapping material in and out a task you can complete in seconds, and when looking smart quickly or staying smart for weeks on end counts, poster stands provide a perfect solution. Both lollipop and H stands can be modified for maximum exposure, with frames on both sides. For both as well, standard frame widths are 23 mm and 40 mm, and come as a clip-frame option or as a Texstretch frame.

While both lollipop and H options come standardised to fit A4, A2, A1, and A0 sizes, lollipops also cater for A3 needs. If you are buying from a pro supplier like Gawk, custom sizes can also be made up as needs dictate. The H stand is ideal for situations where it will carry larger size material, as its supporting footprint has been built to accommodate it, and even a bit of wind buffeting too. Both forms are sturdy, however, and the modern poster stand’s architecture has been optimised for ease of use, optimal display height, and stability in application.

Work with The Best

When you need the smartest and sturdiest stands that flat pack, go up in a minute or two, and look good for weeks and months on end, come to Gawk. We are display professionals, and everything in our extensive range of marketing and display equipment is quality.

Poster stands are an easy and hugely cost-effective display solution, and if you buy from Gawk, you will get the most mileage out of your gear, because you can be assured it is the level best available. Call us or mail us, and have a look at our galleries online.