Pull Up Banners – Advantages of Advertising

The Advantages of Advertising your Brand with Pull Up Banners

When you need to be on the move, pull up banners can provide a particularly practical tool with which to promote your brand, deliver your corporate message or support the launch of a new product. The combination of a lightweight, portable medium that can be assembled or dismantled in seconds, offers not just all of the advantages of other advertising media, but also a few that the others are not able to provide.

Of course, a hi-tech LED board strategically positioned could be huge and certain to attract the attention of passers-by, especially if the display is animated. However, apart from the equally huge price ticket, they are still fixtures, and so, if wishing to display their message elsewhere, this is only feasible if a company is willing to make additional, large investments.  By comparison, the cost of pull up banners is almost insignificant. This means that not only do advertisers gain the freedom to deploy and redeploy them wherever and whenever the need may arise, but the purchase of multiple units is also affordable.

They could, for instance, be a highly effective option for a company that may wish to merchandise its products in multiple outlets, such as pharmacies, supermarkets or convenience stores, to capture the attention of consumers. Their versatility gives these units a number of significant advantages over other forms of advertising.

Apart from their use to support merchandisers, they are also especially useful for use at indoor events, such as trade shows, product launches and conferences. In fact, in any situation that offers an opportunity for a company to promote its brand, its products or its services, pull up banners provide an exceptionally economical solution that is both quick and simple to implement, and whose widespread popularity should be more than enough proof of its effectiveness.

The combination of major advances in the digital printing of images and the development of the much improved new substrates on which to print them is now incorporated in these banners and has resulted in images of photographic quality. This means that the resulting high-resolution graphics will be every bit as detailed as you may need them to be. Equally importantly, it also means that even relatively small text will be perfectly legible.

Depending upon where you may choose to purchase them, you will find that some suppliers are happy to develop the creative content in joint consultation with their clients and print the graphics for their pull up banners once the proofs have the client’s approval. Conversely, in those cases where a client may actually have the capacity, in-house, to produce graphics of the appropriate quality and in a suitable format, then the supplier should normally be quite willing to provide just the printing service, along with the product purchased.

Easy deployment provides another of the advantages of advertising goods and services or promoting a company brand in this manner. The graphical display itself is held in position by hooking it to a collapsible rod. Upon releasing it, the display will then be rolled back into the base. In addition to storing the rolled-up display, the base is equipped with the feet needed to ensure that these free-standing pull up banners will remain stable and are not easily dislodged while they are in use. This can be especially important in busy locations, such as an exhibition hall, a hotel foyer or a conference centre. Since their display is single-sided, positioning them close to a wall will serve to conceal the support structure, while also reducing the risk that they could obstruct the movement of visitors or delegates.

Generally, two metres tall and ranging in width from around half to one and a half metres, there should be enough choice to ensure that there are pull up banners to meet most needs, while delivering the advantages over costlier advertising options and more besides.