Pull Up Banners and their Uses

Top Uses and Benefits of Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners have designs similar to retractable screens and are made mainly for indoor usage, although the units can be used outdoors if properly secured. The pull ups are exceptionally popular for applications at events where portability of advertising and promotional material is essential. With their lightweight design, retractable features, and compact storage, these units meet the demands of the exhibitor.

Pull up banners are used for applications such as:

  • Business conferences, workshops, seminars and conventions.
  • Promotion displays at the opening of a new store or business.
  • New product or service launches.
  • Science and career fairs.
  • Religious and political events.
  • Election tents.
  • Meetings.
  • Training sessions.
  • Car shows.
  • Real estate launches.
  • Sport events.
  • Indoor shopping centre promotions.
  • In-store retail promotions.
  • Trade fairs.

Best Ways to Use the Pull Up Banners

Use the large printable surface to promote your specials or brand, and include contact details, the company logo and web address. Add value by listing benefits of using your products or services. You can also use the banners for notifying customers of important future events or products not yet available. The banners enable you to visually provide an overview of your company and services.


The banners are made specifically to create large printable surfaces that are interchangeable. This means that you don’t have to buy new structures if your promotions change. Simply have the prints changed and thereby save money on the cost of marketing. Other important advantages of the banners are:

  • Rolls up completely for compact storage and thus saves space.
  • Retractable feature with enclosure protects the surface from dust and environmental factors when the banner is not in use.
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge for setting up the banner.
  • Set up new promotions or notifications within a minute.
  • Lightweight design makes it possible for one person to carry the banner.
  • Save space with the vertical display surface.
  • No bulky items to carry around if you do travel promotions.
  • High-quality prints in full colour on the durable material.
  • Cost-effective marketing, training or information tool.
  • With floor space saving, you can add more displays in your trade booth or the particular promotion space.
  • Highly durable and thus excellent value for money.
  • No crimping or fading of the print material.

Why Use the Pull Up Banners at Trade Shows or Promotions?

Having to compete for visitor attention at a trade fair means that you must have visible promotions which display professionally. You want visitors to notice your booth, product or service. With highly visible and visually attractive HD prints on pull ups, you are able to draw attention to your booth, and thus gain more visits. The visitors immediately notice your company name or the special, and thus already have essential information needed to decide on purchasing or engaging with your company for more information.

Making the Best Use of the Advertising Tools

The units are powerful advertising tools, but refrain from over usage. You want to make a visual impact and draw attention to specific aspects, such as a special. Using the banners for every possible promotion or notification will not make them stand out. Strategically place the units at the right places and apply for short periods.

Choose wording and images carefully. Don’t overload the print surfaces with wording, as customers will only spend a few seconds viewing the banner messages. If you decide to use the roll up or pull up banners in your retail store, then consider placing them at products to which you want to draw attention to. You can also use the banners to give customers directions in-store to the digital self-help kiosks.

Maximise your marketing efforts through the use of pull up banners. View our product range and print options for more details.