iPad Display Stands and Display Kiosks

Top Uses of iPad Display Stands as Display Kiosks

iPad display stands or as some call them – digital kiosks, are stand-alone points of interest, marketing, promotion and sales tools. It doesn’t matter how you approach in-store, exhibition or retail showcasing, iPad display stands offer value for money.

With the various types of stands available from us at Podd Display, you can safely secure the iPad or tablets, and provide attractive means to engage with the customer. By connecting the display kiosks to online facilities, you are able to connect customers to your website for more information and online purchases in-store or at the exhibition. In addition, you can create interactive information kiosks where customers can learn more about your products or services.

The interactivity gained ensures higher sales, because customers can make informed decisions in a non-threatening environment without pressure from a sales consultant. Using one-touch technology, you can provide customers with easy access to your product menu, where you also have videos, demonstrations, FAQ sections, and access to your website. With an online purchase option, the customer can make the purchase order immediately, without having to wait for a sales consultant’s assistance.

With iPad display stands strategically placed at your product exhibitions, you provide the young and old with easy access to more information about the products. The interactive iPad display kiosks provide you with the opportunity to connect with an external database and thereby connect your exhibition visitors directly to your product catalogue.

Where to Use the iPad Display Stands

The digital kiosks can be used in a wide variety of settings, including exhibitions and retail stores, in addition to:

  • Tourism offices to provide an overview of places of interest and activities.
  • Conference facilities for registration of delegates.
  • Shopping malls for directions.
  • Museums and art galleries for interactive displays.
  • Universities and colleges for information about courses.
  • Government facilities for user assistance.
  • Point of sale at retail outlets.
  • Waitress bays for completion of orders in restaurants.
  • Learning facilities for educational purposes.
  • Self-help stores for DVD rental.

The iPad display stands are sometimes applied for showroom applications, where retailers want to research customer preferences. Customers often visit stores to get an overview of products and then purchase from competitors because of price differences. This can be rather frustrating for the retailer. As a means to find out what the customer is willing to pay and is looking for, the digital kiosks are placed throughout the store. Questionnaires and surveys are installed. Customers receive incentives for completing the surveys and this provides the retailers with important insight regarding customer needs, preferences and price checking behaviour.

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