Pull Up Banners

Pull Up Banners Are Still Valuable

Why Pull Up Banners are Valuable Advertising Surfaces

Pull up banners are perhaps the best-known advertising vehicles for small businesses. These are affordable, offer large print surfaces, and can be retracted for compact storage.

Also known as roll-up or roller banners, these advertising surfaces are a go-to option for real estate agents, small business owners, retailers, mall exhibitors, and now also food truck owners.

What Makes Pull Up Banners So Useful?

Think lightweight design and large surface for maximum message visibility and you have the main features in a nutshell. But these advertising spaces have even more to offer. You can print on one or both sides because the print surfaces are thick enough. In addition, these surfaces last a long time.

Unlike many other types of ad spaces, these do not require technical help with setting up, making them well-suited for mobile marketers, conference centres, and any application where set-up time available is rather limited. Now add the benefit of a relatively small horizontal footprint and you can see why these ad surfaces are loved by mall exhibitors who pay rent per square metre. With these ad surfaces, they can attract the attention of shoppers without having to rent extra space just to place their ad boards.

In addition, the design and frame structure make for easy movement. If a retailer wants to highlight new products or sales, then these do the job. Once a promotion is over, the retailer can retract the pull up banner and store it until the next promotion. It takes up little space, is light enough to carry in a convenient carry bag, and does not require much effort to erect.

The print canvas is durable, although the pull up banner is best used indoors. We offer three types to meet your exhibition needs:

  • Econolite
  • Execulite
  • Executive Jumbo


This is the most economical of roller banners. It rolls up for easy storage and carrying in a carry bag. We offer single- or double-sided printing. The print surface is 2000 mm x 850 mm. It features an aluminium frame, which is also why it is so lightweight.


The wing-shaped base is what gives this roller ad surface its elegant and high-end look, making it suitable for conferences and new product launches aimed at the high-end market. With floor levellers, the banner can be set up on many types of surfaces without compromising on stability.

Executive Jumbo

It offers a large print surface and set-up that takes less than 30 seconds, and we offer full PVC print on the surface.

Have a look at our range of pull up banners and reach out to discuss your ad space printing needs.

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