Pull-up Banners – The Perfect Display

Pull-up Banners Make the Perfect Portable Display


For any company that may wish to extend its brand visibility, the trade show offers an ideal vehicle while the use of pull-up banners presents them with the perfect indoor display option. There are a number of good reasons for exhibiting at such a show and although the prospect of increasing sales and growing market share will often be the primary goal, these events can also provide a highly effective platform from which to launch new products as well as the means by which manufacturers, retailers and service providers may reinforce their brand awareness.


The Growing Cost of Trade Shows

As the popularity of the trade exhibition has increased, the registration fees levied by the event organisers have risen in parallel. When one adds in the further expense of hiring a shell scheme, lighting and other display elements, the overall cost of attendance at these functions can be prohibitive for those companies with a limited marketing budget or who do not own their own exhibition furnishings. Not surprisingly many of today’s exhibitors are looking for more cost-effective means of asserting their presence and delivering their marketing messages.


Providing a More Cost-effective Solution

Though it’s neither a hi-tech concept nor even a particularly new product, the pull-up banner remains one of the most widely-used devices with which to create the perfect display. These eye-catching creations provide an exhibitor with exceptional ease of portability and, once on site, they can be deployed quickly and simply. Furthermore, the relative simplicity of their construction serves to make them an exceptionally cost-effective option. Podd Display is a wholly South African company located in Gauteng. We offer the nation’s businesses the most extensive collection of tailored units locally available for marketing and branding purposes and our product portfolio, of course, includes a choice of 5 versions of the widely-popular rollups referred to above.


We purchase the top quality stands that are used in their construction from only the most reliable manufacturers, sourcing them both locally and overseas as required. The creative element is provided by our team of talented and experienced graphic artists whose combined efforts ensure that our pull-up banners act as the perfect display medium with which to reinforce your unique brand identity and to deliver your proposition.


Products to Suit a Range of Applications

Our product range has been designed to meet most contingencies and so the first step for our clients is to identify their needs. For instance, since a, standard exhibition stand is likely to be 3 metres in width, an appropriate option could be a pair of our new Exiscreen Jumbo model. At 1500mm wide, two of these units could provide the perfect backdrop in these circumstances and will pack comfortably into their tailored carry bags. For smaller areas the Exiscreen Premium is a product that has stood the test of time for more than 20 years and is widely-regarded as being the best of its kind in the industry.

As an attention-grabbing device that may be placed in an entry way or in any location where space may be somewhat restricted, the Exiscreen Mini is a pull-up banner that retains the standard 2m height but will occupy a width of just 425mm. Its Ferrari PVC substrate supports a print resolution of 720dpi to provide the perfect indoor display and, in common with almost all of our products in this category, they are characterised by their stunningly sharp definition that cannot fail to attract attention and to draw comment. For the last word in economy, we are also able to offer our Econolite and Promolite products. Both are portable, 2000mm by 850mm and suitable for use as semi-permanent features, while the latter also incorporates the high resolution Ferrari PVC substrate.

Partner with Us to Create Your Unique Design

Our clients are perfectly free to submit their own print-ready material or to use a third-party design agency. We also offer a bespoke service in which our creative team will use the information you provide to transform your vision into a graphic reality. We will advise with regard to the required format for visuals which may then be emailed to us in order to prepare a quote that will also cover one set of revisions, if required. Alternatively we can source stock images that will carry an additional charge.

Given your go-ahead we will begin the design process and submit proofs of your customised pull-up banners and the perfect display for your final approval.