The Benefits of Brochure Stands

What are the Main Benefits of Using Brochure Stands?

With so many larger issues at stake when preparing for a product launch or a trade show, the benefits offered by the use of brochure stands with which to display printed material can often be overlooked. Typically, the area of working surface that is provided for an exhibitor is quite limited and is better suited to other activities rather than for accommodating the often numerous stacks of product leaflets needed on these occasions.

On any day at any event of this kind, one can safely guarantee that there will be a contingent of attendees whose sole aim seems to be to grab one of everything that happens to be free, regardless of whether or not it’s of any direct relevance to their interests. Furthermore, many of these avid collectors will often show little concern at the chaos that, without some form of control measure, will very often be the consequence of their compulsive search for more collectibles. While there may be no easy way to exclude these information junkies from visiting your stand, the much improved ability to organise your product and marketing literature can help to make their searching less disruptive and is just one of the benefits of making the transition from table-top stacking to dedicated brochure stands.

Podd Display is a local company that is proud to boast a long and successful history in the business of designing and supplying all types of display accessories. Our products are ideally suited for use in a wide a variety of marketing and promotional situations both indoors and out. Over the years we have built a brand that bot our clients and ourselves value highly. For this reason we understand perfectly the importance of safeguarding those that are the respected marques of our many prestigious clients. To this end, we have striven to develop products that maximise exposure, and that are known and admired for their innovative yet highly functional designs. Today our product portfolio extends well beyond our many display systems to include effective promotional products and digital printing on various materials as well.

To provide our clients with the various benefits of brochure stands we offer a choice of 4 products of which three are of a rigid but collapsible structure while the fourth functions in a manner similar to a pull-up banner. If you have sales staff that travel extensively, they will definitely thank you for choosing the latter as it’s light in weight and compact enough to fit into a briefcase or handbag when collapsed and not in use. Known as the Infolite, the two available models weigh in at 1.42 and 2.63Kg respectively and use a pull-up fabric backing to support either 4 or 8 pockets into which a stack of A4 pamphlets or some similarly-sized publication may first be slotted and later retrieved with ease.

Depending on the variety of literature you may which to display, the individual divisions within a unit may be sufficient to separate them into discrete and readily identifiable categories but they are both inexpensive and compact enough to justify the purchase of multiple units where this may prove more practical.

For those in need of a more formal display such as that required for a trade exhibition, the various benefits of our brochure stands are best provided when choosing from our 5-tiered Z-Fold product, the Vario D8 that is available in either a 4 or 8-tired format or the stylish, high-end Versolite product with its strong aluminium and Perspex structure. The latter extends to form a six-tiered structure that is also double-sided to provide all-round visibility and accessibility. As a result of their rigid structure, all of these units are floor-mounted. Their various weights range from between 6 and 8 kilos but, nevertheless, each one of these highly effective display systems is still quite manageable and easily transported when packed in the cases included for this purpose.

In summary, one of the main benefits of using brochure stands rather than loose stacks of literature or hoarding them in a briefcase until requested is that, when displayed in this manner, it serves as a focus of attention for your visitors and creates the opportunity to interact with them. In addition these elegantly-designed units add an air of efficiency that inspires trust while also making the task of maintaining stocks a lot simpler. Last but certainly not least, these brochure stands provide the benefit of protecting your literature from damage.