Pull Up Banners

Remember the Days Before Pull Up Banners?

As anyone over 50 can tell you, it used to be that signage was one thing – a thin sheet metal rectangle or square of whatever dimensions – that was printed with the desired text and graphics, and had to then be pop-riveted onto a steel frame, itself sunk into the soil and anchored with concrete around its legs. People being the inventive species we are, we have improved on that option quite substantially over the last decade or three. For one thing, a chromadek sign is now no longer the only real option – draped and tethered adverts can cover even the biggest outdoor billboard signs.

Apart from the range of materials now able to be employed on signage, a huge contributor towards more modern solutions has been the demands made on business for pop-up solutions, if only at times. Those times might come and go, but the need for signage keeps returning, as modern companies know they need to be visible, be seen, and take opportunities to grow their client base. Far more mobile than the headquartered legacy corporate, modern business will pursue consumers wherever it finds them, hence the advent of lightweight, pre-printed, mobile signage.

The Benefits of Using Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners have to rank as one of the most liberating marketing tools of recent times. If that sounds like an overstatement, consider this:

  • They are extremely cost effective, and their price has remained fairly static for a long time now. As promotional or informational material for small and large business, few things are as quick at generating an immediate presence for your brand. At trade shows, fairs, industry events, and just about any other event or occasion where branding is needed, they fit right in, and are an affordable yet highly effective advertising solution.
  • They are extremely versatile. No more digging holes and erecting signage from two weeks before the event. Now you can take your brand to where the traffic is, quickly and very effectively. It is hard to overstate just what a boon this is for business. Rather than a salesperson canvassing the crowd and putting on the charm, now your pull up banner does it better, with more manners, and without lunch breaks or teatime. A pull up banner is the ultimate silent salesman.
  • They are also eye-catching, and it is more than what is printed on them. They have the right size and height to enable passing traffic to take them in, and they are also not copious in extent. Put another way, when you encounter a pull up banner, you are not intimidated by taking a quick look, as the format and size reassure you that you can, indeed, take in everything at a glance.

Come to Gawk for the Best in Pull Up Banner Manufacture and Print

At Gawk, we have had years of experience in the exhibition and display arena, and our pull up banners are a cut above. Extremely simple and quick to set up, pull up banners from Gawk are very often just the touch our clients need to optimise their presence for a moment, or a while. Because pull up banners can be erected right where the eyeballs are passing, few other marketing tools deliver such impact from such a small surface area.

Storing our banners is easy too, as they are compact and lightweight. Ditto transporting them – even a small hatch can carry a hundred or more if needs be. The great thing about pull up banners too, is that you simply fold them up and bring them out again when needed. Eminently durable, a pull up banner from Gawk will give you multiple opportunities to derive value from their purchase price, again something few other media do. When you need banners, you need pull up banners, and Gawk is waiting, ready to be of service.

Call us when you need banners with style, mobility, and the ability to enhance your brand or up your sales, or both!