Teardrop Banners

Trading on Pleasing the Discerning Human Eyeball

Some aspects of our modern environment are dictated by nature, and some by town planning. It is true to say that, when planning is involved, there are certain modes or structures of presentation that are more pleasing to the human eye than others. Garish giant outdoor billboards and pole ads are not some of them! The billboards often seem misplaced, almost invading on green turf or surrounding trees, and it is hard to appreciate the myriad street pole ads that now scream for attention while you narrowly avoid rear-ending the car in front of you.

The funny thing is, it is not hard to dislike those forms of advertising, because they are also very square and boxy, and they speak of a functional behaviour, rather than a beguiling one. Put differently, it has been shown that people find certain shapes more aesthetically pleasing than others, and smart marketers factor these seemingly insignificant attributes of man into their presentation. Some products, adverts, or advertising media elicit a better response from people than others. A case in point – the persistence and prominence of the teardrop banner.

Sigmund Freud Would Have Advertised His Practice with Teardrop Banners

More than just the shape, the moving or static nature of marketing aids contributes to the reception they get, and teardrop banners have hit the sweet spot it seems. Although pull up banners and large rectangular, tensioned banners, as well as many other banner forms are often a more suitable solution for whatever reason, where teardrop banners are utilised, they make an aesthetically very pleasing show for the average passer-by.

More than just marketing, teardrop banners can be used to convey information at a temporary gathering or permanent exhibition, and they stand at just the right height, with just the right shape, to present as non-threatening and indeed welcoming for the average person. Especially where teardrop banners are employed over the longer term, people seem to view them differently to alternative banner shapes and sizes. Anyone dismissing such subtle marketing responses and choices by consumers-what they consider pleasing and what they do not-is missing some key points on marketing as a whole. The psychology of marketing is not to be scoffed at.

Gawk Excels at Rendering the Perfect Teardrop Banner

At Gawk, we have had years of experience in display design and build, and we have fitted out more exhibitions, conferences, retail stores, and showrooms than we can count! We like doing things the right way the first time around, and we are focused on making your display opportunity the best it can be, for however long it lasts. Quite apart from the deeper reasons for teardrop banners’ continued rise, they are also lightweight, easy and simple to erect, and highly durable.

Eminently portable, teardrop banners are a versatile, quick, and easy display solution that nonetheless provides good engagement and positive responses from those who view them. Whether billowing in the wind or standing still as stone on a quiet day, their overall shape and demeanour resonates with people. Let Gawk equip you with well-made, perfectly printed teardrop banners for your next marketing drive, and see what a difference they make.

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