Snap Frames: A Versatile and Cost-Effective Solution

For centuries, posters have been a popular solution for advertising and signage. Even as far back as the days of William Shakespeare, posters provided great ways of advertising plays and events and notifying citizens of important information. Back then, it was sufficient to nail a piece of paper to a wall. Today, with mass printing being so affordable, posters are still a very popular choice for marketers and companies, although a neater and more acceptable way of mounting posters is required. Luckily, there are a number of solutions, like snap frames, poster slots, noticeboards, and curved-face sign holders.

The Disadvantages and Shortcomings of Posters

While posters offer many benefits, such as cost-effectiveness and the ability to produce large quantities of them quickly and with great accuracy, they also have a number of disadvantages:

  • They can quickly look ragged. Because most posters are printed on paper or a similarly thin material, they quickly start curling around the edges and developing little tears. This makes them look tatty – certainly not the type of image an event or company wants to be associated with.
  • Simply stuck to a surface, they easily come off. Depending on the way they are mounted, posters tend to come unstuck or tear at the edges where they are fixed to the surface. And a poster that is not displayed is simply a useless piece of rubbish.
  • They can easily be removed or stolen. This is especially true of posters that feature a great design, conveys a controversial message, or communicates instructions that people do not want to adhere to. If simply stuck to a wall, they can easily be ripped off.
  • Without protection, they can easily be defaced, vandalised, or altered. Similar to the point above, an unprotected poster can be exposed to people tearing it, defacing it, or drawing on it.

The good news is that snap frames offer a neat and practical solution to most of these problems.

The Advantages of Snap Frames

  • Snap frames are wall-mounted, eliminating the need for adhesive or nails when putting up posters.
  • Snap frames provide a sturdy, safe frame for posters, meaning your posters will not get damaged and will last so much longer.
  • Snap frames have a poster protector or cover that further protects it from wear and tear, vandalism, and theft. Most often, this is an anti-glare cover that ensures the poster is legible in any lighting conditions.
  • The insertion and removal of posters are quick and easy and can be done by one person. This makes it a perfect solution for situations where posters need to be changed often or on a regular basis.

If snap frames sound like the solution to meet your needs, contact Gawk. We are branding innovators that work closely with our clients to find the best solutions to their marketing challenges. Amongst other products and services, we supply and install quality snap frames in all standard poster sizes (A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0), and we can also produce custom sizes upon request.