Specialist Solutions for Clip Frames Gauteng

Clip Frames Solutions in Gauteng

Any company looking to market their brand, service, or product to potential consumers would aim to make their offering as eye-catching as possible. Without having to find the necessary budget to use on modern advertising technology – like moving screens in shopping malls or oversized billboards throughout Gauteng – there is still an excellent solution available to you to meet this challenge: clip frames.

Gawk is an innovative branding company based in Gauteng, which produces a vast array of clip frames that provide an attractive display solution suitable for many types of advertising communications, instructional signage, and information pieces.

Gawk has the ability to produce clip frames for your Gauteng company at a very reasonable price. What is more, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, as they remain rust free, are highly durable, and can withstand sun damage thanks to the front cover that provides ultraviolet ray protection to prevent the images on display from fading in the sun. The frame itself is made from aluminium, making this a lightweight solution that is easy to set up, transport to and from any location required, and store.

These clip frames are also extremely easy to use, making them ideal for those who require frequent changes to their advertising displays. All that is required is for you to unclip the sides of the frame that secure the cover to the backing, slide your advertisement between the cover and the backing, and reclip. That is it!

Unlike other types of displays, which can so often distract from the content it aims to advertise, these clip frames are very elegant and attractive. The simplistic aluminium frame does not pull focus from the important images or information you wish to advertise.

For your convenience, they come in various standard sizes (A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, and A0). However, if you require a specific size that falls outside of this standard range, Gawk can custom make you the frame you need to meet your precise requirements.

Gawk is on a mission to be the ultimate provider in Gauteng for all advertising and display solutions, including clip frames, banners, brochure holders, indoor and outdoor display stands, poster pouches, exhibition stands, queue barriers, DigiKiosks, tension fabric displays, and more. By choosing Gawk for all your visual display requirements, you can be assured of getting world-class products and innovative display solutions that meet your unique needs.

Call Gawk today to find out more about our display range available in Gauteng, including our selection of durable clip frames.