Flying Banners For The Ideal Outdoor Branding Solution

Flying Banners Provide the Ideal Outdoor Branding Solution


Hosting outdoor functions, events, and campaigns can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to predicting unexpected changes in weather. This becomes even more challenging when a business requires dependable brand advertising in full view of potential clients and customers as they arrive at said events. Luckily, branding innovator Gawk can provide you with the peace of mind you need when it comes to the supply of a multitude of outdoor event branding solutions, such as their ever-popular, high-quality flying banners.

Using flying banners, also known as teardrop banners, has quickly become a leading solution for outdoor branding and advertising. Its unique shape is great for grabbing attention, ensuring that your brand stands out while staying up, even in extreme weather conditions.


Additional features that make Gawk’s quality flying banners the top choice for outdoor branding:


  • They come in full colour dye printed fabric to ensure bold, crisp images
  • Choose between single or double sided
  • Variable sizes from small at 2,2 m, medium at 3,4 m to large at 4,6 m
  • They are easy to assemble and dismantle into a specially supplied bag
  • The assembly kit comes with a standard steadying ground spike


What makes flying banners so perfect for outdoor branding? Here are just some of the top reasons:




Flying banners move around in windy weather, which immediately attracts attention, while retaining their shape to ensure legibility. Add attractive, colourful designs to this and they are perfect for capturing attention and directing people towards your brand.


Practical to Use


They are made from lightweight materials, making them very easy to transport, carry around, assemble, and dismantle. You simply unroll the teardrop-shaped fabric section and stick it into the support that keeps it anchored to the ground or floor, with the broader side at the top and narrower side at the bottom. When the event is done, you remove it from the support, roll it back up, and slide it into the carry case. It is so simple, one person can do it on her or his own. The compact casing is easy to carry and perfect for storage.


Can Be Used As A Permanent Outdoor Display


Made from sturdy, durable material, flying banners are highly suitable to use as permanent displays outside your business to attract the attention of passers by and motorists. Simply place a permanent flagpole holder into the ground outside your premises to anchor it. From there, any employee can quickly and easily erect it in the morning and dismantle it at the end of the business day, even when on shift by themselves. The fabric used is both water- and fade-resistant, which means it can withstand weather conditions, such as rain and bright sunshine.


They Are Available In a Large Variety of Designs and Sizes


While the shape stays the same, you have the freedom to order your banner in a size that suits the needs of your business. Pretty much anything that you want can be printed on it, and the design can easily be made to fit the dimensions.


Use It Indoors Or Outdoors


While the design lends itself for outdoor usage due to the movement of the material, which draws attention (similar to flags), there is absolutely nothing stopping you from using flying banners indoors where suitable.


Cost-Effective Solution


When you consider the high visibility of flying banners combined with the exceptional durability they offer, the value for money they provide is outstanding, especially given the low initial cost and low maintenance requirements.


For more information on flying banners, contact a Gawk team member. They will be happy to provide answers to any questions you may have, as well as assist you with a quote for your display solution.