Have You Walked Past Stanchions Today?

In high traffic hospitality and other business areas, stanchions are those smart, small but effective upright poles from which tape extrudes in order to join with the next stanchion, forming a guide or directional aid that helps manage the movement of people, usually in conjunction with wall or other mounted signage. If a stanchion is not equipped with retractable tape, other versions include small chains or rope being hooked, hung, or clipped between stanchions, thus forming a continuous walkway wherever they are employed.

They can be metal or plastic, and some can be weighted with sand or water for added stability on site. More than anything else, they are a quick, lightweight solution for managing people flows whenever large or regular groups gather or pass by. Not only company foyers, exhibitions, or displays employ stanchions-many construction sites also employ them to guide workers and visitors alike along safe routes on the premises. Highly adaptable stanchion solutions can be effective as short stretch or greater area barriers, and they are eminently malleable as a system to accommodate needed designs at a moment’s notice.

Stanchions Past and Present

While older citizens might remember those bulky stanchions in banks that had ashtrays on top of some of the poles, today’s varieties are smartly engineered and indispensable when needed! Modern stanchions have eliminated the ashtray option! For low impact areas, fewer stanchions with longer interlocking belts are often suitable, making for an exceptionally cost-effective solution. If you have ever come across minor repairs in progress in an office building, chances are that you have been directed around the obstruction by a few stanchions with longer belts, along with signage saying “Work in progress” or “Do not enter”.

In higher traffic areas or events, more stanchions are typically employed, with smaller gaps between them. It is a remarkable aspect of human perception that, even when the stanchion employed in tight formation is the same, lightweight stanchion employed in low impact work or cleaning operations, people perceive it as being more intimidating or instructive. Put another way, the perception of a denser barrier generates a different response. With the potential for many people to buck the rules and slip under the barrier, a simple tactic like using a higher number of stanchions in the construct results in more disciplined behaviour from everyone.

Gawk Products Are a Cut Above

Modern stanchions are smart, aesthetically pleasing, highly maneuverable, and also quick and easy to set up or knock down. Eliminating cumbersome equipment or heavy loading, they are the ideal modern solution to people traffic that needs to stay within allocated areas or follow a specific route around temporary obstacles. Gawk is experienced in all manner of commercial presentation and people-flow handling, because we have built our business around the professional presentation and savvy management of exhibition visitors, conference attendees, and other high volume human traffic.

If you are looking for smart stanchion solutions for your company’s permanent deployment or an exhibition’s expected traffic, look no further than Gawk. We are masters at all things display, and that includes rendering display arenas logically equipped with traffic guides and similar paraphernalia. Call on us to evaluate and supply all your stanchion requirements, and you will get a great range of options, swift service, and an affordable solution with a smile!