Stanchions and Queueing Solutions

3 Types of Stanchions that Provide Clever Queueing Solutions for Any Type of Event

So, you are planning an event. Maybe it is a corporate event or a social event. Maybe it is open to the public or there is access control in place. Maybe there is a VIP section for special guests or retail points where people can queue to buy some products, refreshments, or services. Maybe you simply need to demarcate the various areas within the event. Whatever the requirements and specifications, chances are that you will need some sort of barrier to direct the flow of people and to exercise crowd control. This is where stanchions play a vital role.

What are stanchions you ask? Stanchions are upright poles that feature retractable belts, ropes, or chains to create barriers at events or in retail environments. They are popular crowd control, queue management, and traffic flow solutions, as they can easily be installed, reconfigured, and transported. Furthermore, they offer great branding opportunities for added value.

Gawk is a professional supplier of stanchions and related marketing and event solutions. Here are some of the options they offer:

  1. Retractable Queue Barrier

These types of stanchions are perfect for crowd control in high traffic areas, especially where flexibility is required. The retractable queue barriers available from Gawk get their name from the fact that the belts attached to the stanchions are retractable and clip into the posts to form a barrier that is easy to reconfigure as needed. A four-point clipping system allows for endless configuration options, making it perfect for any event. Furthermore, the clips are replaceable, and the posts disassemble for easy transport. The belts themselves are available in a selection of colours and can be branded for added value.

Adding even further value to your event is the fact that you can choose to add A4 advertising signs to the queueing system. These are fitted on top of the poles, ensuring that your message is delivered to a captivated audience.

  1. Rope Queue Barrier

Rope queue barriers perform a similar function to the retractable queue barriers in many ways, but are more stylish in design, making it the perfect solution for VIP queue management. This solution is suitable for red carpet events, corporate affairs, and VIP demarcation.

The high-quality stanchions provided by Gawk are available in sleek chrome or stylish gold, while the ropes – which are either velvet or braided – are available in royal blue, red, or black.

  1. Branded Textile Queuing System

Take your branding a step further with Gawk’s branded textile queuing system. The innovative TRIGA® Go textile queuing system takes advantage of the longer lingering time of crowds in queues. This “captured” audience has the time to digest your marketing message, and this specific system presents that message to your audience in a bold and attractive way.

This setup allows an unparalleled 100% brand real estate per square metre of hardware, and thus allows for a great return on your investment in the queuing hardware. The graphics are printed on textile, which provides a great canvas for high-quality and multi-coloured prints. The system is completely modular, which allows for any custom configuration depending on the needs of your event. What is more, setting up the system does not require any tools whatsoever, making it a great solution for travelling exhibitions. Gawk also provides you with a two-year guarantee on the hardware for the branded textile queuing system.

If you are looking for a high-quality and innovative queue management system, look no further than Gawk. As leading experts in event marketing, they can assist you with a range of amazing stanchions and related items for any type of event.