Stanchions and Retractable Barriers

Some Ideas on the Use of Stanchions and Retractable Barriers

 Not many people are familiar with the word “stanchions”, and it tends to only be the people in the industry who have a grasp of what there are. For the layman or the general public, stanchions are those pillars with retractable tape used at banks, movie theatre, temporary events, airports, and other places to form a pathway in order to direct traffic. They can also be used for crowd control. Using stanchions and retractable banners can go a long way towards keeping order and ensuring that traffic flows effectively towards a particular place or person.

Choosing the Best Stanchions for Your Particular Use

 Stanchions play an important role in guiding the public or people into the directions they need to go to enable a smooth flow of traffic, and to keep people away from danger or restricted entry points. They basically consist of posts with an extendable chord that can be attached to another stanchion, in order to form a long line or a barrier. Stanchions and retractable barriers come in a wide array of shapes, materials, and sizes, and it is vital that you choose the type that will best serve your purpose.

Stanchions and retractable barriers can be divided into three major groups:

  1. Traditional rope stanchions: These consist of the old-fashioned metal posts with a heavy base with hooks where a rope can be attached. These are most typically used in theatres, outside clubs, and other glamorous occasions to provide guidance on movement, and also to restrict entry in some cases. They are elegant, stylish, and easy to use.
  1. Retractable barriers: The retractable barrier consists of the post with a heavy base, and in the head of the post, you will find a belt that can be drawn out from the post and attached to another. Because there is tension on the bands (they are spring loaded), the barrier remains in position and doesn’t sag. These are great for crowd control and indicating direction.
  1. Long-belted stanchions and retractable barriers: As described in the name, these are made to cover long distances. They are best used at sports events to direct athletes to the podium, and other events where long distances need to be cordoned off. The usual stanchion will not be suited to this use, as too many of them will be needed.

It is vital that you evaluate how you will be using your stanchions and retractable barriers, what the function will be, and in which situations they will most likely be used. If you, for instance, are an event organiser who generally deals with glamorous parties and high-profile events, you may want to invest in the traditional type of stanchions that will provide the style and sophistication you need to complement your event. The colour of the ropes can also be co-ordinated with your colour scheme, and the glint of the steel posts will just add that extra touch!

If you regularly take part or organise sports events, such as marathons, you may want to invest in the extra-long belted stanchions. The best thing about these is that they can be used for both long and short distances, and they are highly practical, strong, and good looking. Regular stanchions and retractable barriers are good for use in corporate settings, where a queue needs to form and a crowd directed. They are also good for use at ticket offices or food stalls where order is needed.

If you are looking for stanchions and retractable barriers that will function effectively in your environment, give our team at Podd Display a call. We have a wide range of products available that will help you to bring order and glamour to your event. Contact us today to find out more.