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Use Teardrop Banners to Increase the Visibility of Your Brand

6 Good Reasons to Use Teardrop Banners to Increase the Visibility of Your Brand

The use of teardrop banners is relatively new to the marketing world. They have only been around for about five years, and have shown to be one of the most cost-effective ways to display a product, brand, or even the location of an outlet, shop, or restaurant. Teardrop banners are a great option for businesses that need more brand recognition, and to advertise in a low-cost, low maintenance manner. While there are many different types of display and advertising formats on the market, teardrop banners provide outstanding value for money and a great return on the investment. They are a little unique and stand out above other, more traditional display methods, and this makes them one of the most popular display methods around.

Other reasons why people love to use teardrop banners for display purposes include the following:

  1. High Visibility: Teardrop banners flap in the wind and move around, and the movement attracts the eye. They are usually designed to be colourful and to stand out, even inbetween other vivid displays. They are often used to point out the location of a brand or business at a trade show, or the presence of a brand at events. They are practical to use and create such high visibility that they are great to use virtually in any situation.
  1. Lightweight and Practical: Because teardrop banners are created of lightweight materials, they are easy to transport, carry, set up, and take down. The banner is the shape of a teardrop, with the broader side at the top, and this tapers down into the pole to which the banner is fixed. The flag pole is stuck into a floor or ground support that keeps it vertical and anchors it to the ground. The teardrop-shape display is made from lightweight but very robust fabrics that are printed with the logo or message. The banner can literally just be unrolled and stuck into the support. To take it down, it is removed from the support, and the banner is rolled up and tucked away in a neat carry case. They are particularly easy for one person to carry, set up, and take down. The carry case makes them highly portable, and they are easy to store in a vehicle or storeroom.
  1. Indoors and Outdoors: Teardrop banners are specifically great for use outdoors, but they can be used indoors as well. Flags and banners in general are designed to move, and when posted outdoors, the movement makes them very noticeable. The fabrics are made to be water-resistant and fade-resistant, which means that the banner will be able to cope with wind, rain, and full sun for a long time before fading, tearing, or eroding. Once this does happen, the damaged banner is easy to replace with a new banner.
  1. Permanent Outdoor Displays: Many people like to use teardrop banners as a permanent display method to attract the eye to the location of a particular business. Vehicle sales rooms, restaurants, and a wide array of other businesses put them outside their building where they can be noticed by passing motorists and pedestrians. A flag pole holder is dug into the ground. In the mornings, the banner pole is stuck into the permanent holder, and in the evenings, it is removed. They are highly effective at announcing the presence of a business or brand.
  1. Variety of Designs and Sizes: Generally speaking, the teardrop banner is made in a standard teardrop shape, hence the name. These teardrops, however, can be made in a wide variety of sizes and heights. The design printed or silkscreened onto the banner can be varied according to the display needs of the company.
  1. Cost-Effective: Considering the high visibility teardrop banners provide, the cost is very low. This means that they provide outstanding return on investment and add value to the business.

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