Snap Frames for Product Display

Questions and Answers about Using Snap Frames for Product Display

Every good marketing professional knows that product display and visibility are vital to the success of the product, brand, or service. Being able to make the brand visible to the potential target market is a very important part of advertising. Sometimes, traditional media, such as television, print, or radio can be just too expensive, and other innovative ways have to be found to put your brand in front of the people who will be most likely to buy it.

One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is to use snap frames, banners, click frames, gazebos, and other physical objects to display the brand in particular places. Snap frames, in particular, are highly effective and can be used in different environments.

Here are some of the questions we regularly get asked about snap frames by our clients:

Q: What Are Snap Frames?

A: Snap frames are basically frames that can be instantly clipped or “snapped” onto a background, with a clear cover in place to keep the image inside clean and tidy. The frame is simply snapped off the background, the image can be inserted, and the frame is then snapped back on. It can then be displayed in different environments where potential customers can see it. The frame can be mounted on virtually any surface and can become a permanent fixture in a particular location, or can be hung or fastened on a temporary basis.

Q: Where Can Snap Frames Be Used?

A: Because they are so practical and safe, they can be used virtually anywhere. They are most often used in retail spaces, and can even be stuck to the back of doors in washrooms for advertising purposes. They are also used at events, trade shows, and office locations to display information or images.

Q: What Materials Are Snap Frames Made Of?

A: Typically, snap frames are constructed from aluminium or high grade plastics. The metal sheen provides a beautiful and professional finish, and the plastic frames can be ordered in different colours and finishes. Both these materials are designed to be attractive and highly durable, even with regular use.

Q: Won’t People Steal the Image Inside the Snap Frame?

A: This is not very likely, as in most cases, a special tool is needed to snap the frame open. It cannot simply be snapped open by hand without the tool. This not only makes it difficult for anyone to get to the image inside, but it also makes it vandal-resistant.

Q: How Can It Be Fastened to A Surface?

A: Usually, if the snap frames are going to be displayed against a wall or other vertical surface as a permanent-type display, it can be fastened with strong double-sided tape. If the location of the display is likely to change or only displayed on a temporary basis (such as at a trade show or pop-up shop), it can be hung on a wall from a hook or other fastener that is easy to remove.

Q: Do Snap Frames Require Maintenance?

A: Yes, but very little maintenance is required. Usually, it is quite sufficient to give them the occasional wipe down with a mild window cleaner and a soft cloth to keep the frames vibrant, and to ensure that the transparent cover on the front remains clean and clear, so that the image can be clearly displayed.

Q: Do Snap Frames Come in Different Sizes?

A: When you purchase your snap frames from Podd Display you will find that there are many different sizes and finishes available. We procure and produce a variety of options for our customers to choose from, and we can even custom-create snap frames with specific dimensions for customers.

Q: Where Can I Obtain Snap Frames from in South Africa?

A: There are many different suppliers, but you will find the best value for money and a wider choice at Podd Display. Because we have been in the display business for so long, we know exactly what you need and can provide valuable advice and a range of display products that will suit your specific requirements. Give our team a call today to find out more!