Exhibition Stands

What Do Your Exhibition Stands Say About You?

When everyone knows by now what an impact on business consumer perceptions can have, it is remarkable that many still see exhibition stands and other presentation architecture as a cost centre. To be fair, exhibition stands have improved their baseline standards tremendously over the last few decades, and engaging prospective clients from a pallet table with tree stumps for chairs is now considered gauche, even by newbie exhibitors.

The fact of the matter is that the visual presentation your customers encounter upon first meeting or encountering you do form an immediate impression. That is not solely a negative thing, as for the dynamic and optimistic, that fact of course presents an opportunity to ensure that first impressions are good, possibly great! Whether the stand you need is temporary or permanent, whether it is in the isle of a grocery store or in the middle of a busy industry gathering, smart business has learned to capitalise on its silent yet eloquent presence.

What Can an Exhibition Stand Convey?

Saying “first impressions count” is useful, but incomplete. What is the depth to which first impressions impact our subsequent thinking? And what exactly can be said in those few seconds of visual absorption? Well, when it comes to business, well-designed and artistically rendered exhibition stands, first of all, speak of professionalism. Consumers (and B2B clients perhaps even more so) want to see the trappings of success. Put differently, they want to be able to very quickly mentally flag a few snippets of intel they spot about you, and they want it to add up to “reliable” or “reputable business”.

Moreover, they want to see that said with some modesty, some style, and lots of authenticity. Extrapolating these things into a static exhibition stand can be challenging, but incredibly effective at boosting a brand’s standing, as well as telling everyone everything they need to know about your company. Indeed, the information given out by your exhibition stand can be very limited, as long as you say it correctly. In other words, a bespoke and stylish stand will succeed at denoting your company as a caring and stylish concern, and that is worth money. At times, real-world presence is just like the internet – you never know who is looking.

Come to Gawk for the Magic in Exhibition Stands

At Gawk, we think of ourselves as visual engineers, because what we do takes design, manufacture, and the suffusing of it all with your marketing ethos. Our exhibitions stands serve the ultimate goal of effective display, leading to qualified leads and enhanced business prospects. Can a humble stand do all of that? Definitely! Let us set you apart from others, let us design exhibition architecture to convey your best marketing message, loudly and unambiguously.

When you are spending money on marketing, do not let your display products shave off that value. Call Gawk for any and all stand needs, and see what makes our customers come back, time and again.