What is a Tension Fabric Display?

Why Tension Fabric Display Units Are the Best Way to Elevate Your Brand


No brand can survive without some form of marketing. And for the marketing effort to be effective, it needs to portray a healthy and appealing image of the brand, in order to capture the attention and interest of its potential customers. A great way to create an attractive and noticeable visual representation of your brand is by making use of a tension fabric display. Whether this is in store, at an expo, or simply as an advertisement for your brand somewhere, it is easy to use, always looks great and, most importantly, is a cost-effective solution.


What is a Tension Fabric Display?


In short, it is a visual representation that is created by printing your brand image and/or message on a specific type of cloth or material, and then stretching that cloth tightly across a rigid frame. It is one of the fastest growing and most innovative ways to create solutions for marketing and exhibition purposes. Some of the most popular applications are for standing banners, signage, pop-up counters, and exhibition stands.


The Many Benefits of a Tension Fabric Display


  • It is Ridiculously Flexible: You can create an extensive range of shapes and structures using tension fabric display frames. Be as creative as you like and make sure your brand stands out in the crowd. You can be as unique as you want to be, and create a jaw-dropping stand with very little effort.


  • It is Very Durable: Cost considerations are always a factor when creating a marketing strategy for your brand. These can be used time and time again, while still looking fresh and vibrant, making it a great investment.


  • It Is So Easy to Use: The lightweight parts are easy to assemble and take down and do not require special tools or skills. Furthermore, it is very easy to change the graphics, updating your entire stand without having to replace the structure.


  • It is Just as Easy to Clean: Stands, displays, and signage are often exposed to a significant level of use and abuse at events, which can lead them to look old and tired and thus reflect poorly on your brand. Because of the setup, it is easy to remove the fabric for cleaning, leaving your display looking fresh and new.


  • It Always Looks Great: Because of the tension present in the structure, you do not have to worry about creased or sagging displays and banners, which can look tacky. These are always vibrant and ready to impress.


  • You Can Transport it With Very Little Hassle: The structure disassembles into easy to carry and lightweight parts, and the fabric can easily be folded, making it easy to carry and transport from event to event.


Innovative Solutions Available Through Gawk


With years of experience in display marketing solutions, the team at Gawk are branding innovators who constantly work to help clients achieve their objectives and set themselves apart from their competitors. This has led us to stock and supply these two great tension fabric display solutions:


  • TRIGA® Go: Lets you assemble banner walls, towers, counters, or small- and medium-sized textile display stands super quickly.


  • TRIGA® Max: Can accommodate custom add-ons to tailor your display to your specific exhibition needs. It also flat packs into wheel bags and can be erected without any tools.


Give your brand the boost it deserves and elevate it above your competitors through eye-catching marketing solutions. Contact Gawk to find out more about our innovative products, as well as our range of other services and solutions. Together, we can make sure your brand gets the necessary attention and interest to help you achieve the levels of success you aim for.