Use Pull Up Banners to Advertise Your Business or Product

Why You Should Use Pull Up Banners to Advertise Your Business or Product


Advertising your brand is not always simple, especially during these challenging economic times when you have to make magic happen on a tight budget. Television and radio commercials, and even printed collateral, such as flyers and leaflets can prove costly when trying to reach your market audience. So, how can your business still reach your consumer, build your brand image, maintain curiosity, and encourage engagement without swallowing your whole budget? Gawk’s pull up banners could be the exact solution you are looking for.

What Are Pull Up Banners, And Why Use Them?


Pull up banners are a cost-effective way to create a commanding visual presence and communicate messages of interest related to your brand at any event, trade show, exhibition, or campaign launch where your target market is present.


This display screen consists of a lightweight, durable material on which a brand name, logo, or message is printed. The material is wrapped around a roller, which enables it to be pulled up whenever required and then immediately retracted once the event is over. The screen is mounted on a solid, sturdy base designed to remain standing even when accidentally knocked by passers by.


Making it even more convenient is the fact that it is highly portable and can easily be erected wherever the most traffic is and where it will catch attention. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, a sturdier or heavier base is recommended for outdoor use if the weather is unpredictable to make sure it stays upright at all times.


What Are The Advantages?


Pull up banners are super-easy to erect and can be done by one person. As the name suggests, you simply pull it up from its base where it is stored, and then hook the banner onto the pole that is mounted on the base. There you go. It is just as quick and easy to dismantle.


Several printed displays and images can be stored in the base, giving you the ability to advertise a selection of images over the course of one function if so required.


The compact size means it is easy to carry around, as well as easy to transport to any venue. Furthermore, it is also convenient to store until the next function where the company brand or message is required.


As a leader in visual display solutions, Gawk offers a range of pull up banners:


  1. The Econolite with full colour digital print (2 000 x 850 mm). It rolls up into the base, is sturdy, cost effective, and comes with a carry bag.


  1. The Execulite with a wing shape base for that executive, high-end look. Its wide base with floor levellers ensures stability on just about any surface. It features a PVC print with anodised aluminium chrome end caps and base, and comes with a carry bag.


  1. The Executive Jumbo, which rolls out its massive 1 500 x 2 000 mm PVC in just 30 seconds. It is ideal for big presence campaigns and it comes with a carry bag.


Contact Gawk to find out more about our pull up banners and to get a quote for your next event.