Branded Face Masks

3 Reasons For Branded Masks

3 Reasons Why Branded Face Masks Are a Stellar Idea

As we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, we all want to do what we can to beat this challenge as quickly and successfully as possible. Why not do your bit by distributing some branded face masks?

Here are the top three reasons why branded face masks are such a wonderful idea:

  1. Efficacy against curbing the spread

Wearing a mask is now considered to be one of the single most effective ways of stopping (or at least significantly slowing) the spread of COVID-19, especially since evidence indicates that the virus can be transmitted even when the carrier is asymptomatic. By distributing face masks to those who frequent your premises, you are aiding our return to a healthy and safe community.

  1. Staff wellbeing

When businesses resumed operations under lockdown level 4, the Department of Health Guidelines and the COVID-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures in Workplaces Directive published on 28 April 2020 both required employers to provide employees with at least two cloth masks, among other obligations. Even with restrictions easing, it’s still in your best interest to look after the wellbeing of your employees. And, if you’re going to give them a mask, why not make sure it’s branded with your logo?

  1. Relationship building with the public

Face masks are hot property now. Provide branded masks to your customers, clients, or visitors. It shows you care, and they will wear it, helping to spread awareness of your brand as a responsible brand wherever they go.

Other Products Related to Public Hygiene and Safety

Gawk is known in the industry as a visual marketing innovator that supplies highly effective display solutions for brands. Solutions that capture attention and drive action. Given the current circumstances regarding the pandemic and the challenges we face as a community, we are doing our part by applying this approach to creating solutions that can help support the fight against the spread of the virus. In addition to branded masks, we also supply:

  • Foot pump sanitisers: Sanitising your hands helps tremendously towards curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus. These foot pump sanitisers allow you to enjoy the benefits of sanitising your hands without the added risk of using a hand-operated sanitiser that numerous people have touched before you.
  • Digikiosk: Data is vital to promote our understanding of the spread of the virus, and to inform our actions to curb the spread. The Digikiosk is a secure tablet kiosk that is ideal for use as a data capturing terminal for COVID-19 compliance purposes.

To find out more about our branded face masks and to get a quote, get in touch with the Gawk team.