Exhibition Stands

Planning WIth Exhibition Stands

10 Things to Keep in Mind when Planning Exhibition Stands

Expos and trade shows are excellent opportunities to connect with your target market and give them a taste of what your brand is all about. It’s a multi-sensory interaction with an audience that is already interested in your product or service, and actively engaged with the experience on offer. However, the degree of value brands extracts from these events are very dependent on the efficacy of their exhibition stands.

Keep these ten tips in mind when planning exhibition stands to ensure you achieve the maximum impact:

  1. Don’t Neglect the Planning

Identify exactly what it is you want to achieve through your exhibition stands – collect leads, entertain, launch a new product… and know exactly who it is you want to engage with, what you want them to do at your stand, and how they should do it.

  1. Make Use of All Your Stand Space – In a Clever and Considered Way

Real estate at trade shows can be very expensive, so make sure you get the exact dimensions, plan properly and make every bit of it work for you. That said, don’t simply cram all of the space full of random things. Consider your visitors and make space for them.

  1. Remember to Use the Height of Your Stand Space

Often, brands are so focussed on the floor space of their exhibition stands that they forget to think about all the available vertical space. Don’t make this mistake. Consider how you can use the height of your stand to attract and engage your audience.

  1. Good Lighting Is Important

Don’t let this aspect become a last-minute consideration, as is way too often the case. Lighting is as important as the design, as it serves to set the ambience of your stand and helps to direct the focus of your visitors.

  1. Keep It Clean and Clear

Exhibition stands that are too cluttered and busy in terms of design, will struggle to convey the main message of the brands. Visitors don’t know where to focus to follow the brand narrative, and nothing is emphasised, meaning that everything gets lost in the clutter.

  1. Focus Your Visitors

Don’t make your audience work too hard to figure out what you are trying to say. Help them by directing their focus to the main message you want to drive home. The easier it is for them to identify what you are trying to convey, the quicker and easier it is for them to engage fully with your brand.

  1. Guide Your Visitors

Exhibition stands should preferably tell a story or take visitors on a journey, even if it is just a very short one. Make it clear where the engagement with them starts, and create a clear and practical path of information or activities for them to follow while at your stand.

  1. Make It Interactive

Engage your audience by entertaining them or giving them something to do. By incorporating digital elements such as video screens and touch screens into your stand, you can not only entertain and inform but also capture the details of your audience to build a sustained relationship with them.

  1. Make Sure Your Team Is Briefed Properly

The team that means your stand is literally the face of your brand and your audience will look at them as the guides to assist them and answer their questions. Make sure the team knows what you are trying to achieve, and how this should be done for optimal results.

  1. Partner with A Reputable Exhibition Expert

Optimise your exhibition stands by partnering with an experienced supplier such as Gawk. We supply all the components you could need for a show-stopping display, provide top quality printing services, and can even assist with the design of your stand. Get in touch with our team for your one-stop solution.