Litho Printing Services from Podd Display

Why You Should Choose Litho Printing Services from Podd Display

When it comes to printing on flat surfaces, fabrics, or other objects, litho printing services are some of the best ways to achieve this. Litho printing has been around for almost two centuries, although in the beginning, it was more an art medium than a business tool. Litho printing was invented in 1796 in Bavaria, and at the time, it was commonly used for mass reproduction of newspapers, prints, and art.

It completely changed the printing industry, and is still used with great effect today. At the time, however, the plates used for the process were often worn through too quickly by the rotary presses that were used, and as a result, the rotary litho presses became less and less popular.

The principle of litho printing is that water and oil separates. This means that pigment or ink can be transferred from a photographic plate onto a blanket or sheet made of rubber, and then the image can be printed on paper or other materials for the final result. There have been a lot of developments and advancements in printing technology, and the litho printing services offered today have a much higher quality and also other benefits that are enjoyed by people all over the world.

When using litho printing services, you can expect the following:

  • High-Quality Images: Litho printing services can be done in a clearer and more cost-effective way, as most other printing services, such as laser or inkjet printing technology. Other methods, such as gravure, are very expensive and often prohibitive, although the quality of the litho print is comparable, and even sometimes superior, to other forms of printing.
  • Cost Savings: Because litho printing services are usually aimed at high volumes of printing, it makes the prints a lot cheaper per page. It is also fast and relatively easy to operate, and is the main method of printing for large volumes, such as magazines and newspapers, today.
  • Variety of Media: One of the main benefits of litho printing services is that you can print on a large variety of media, such as fabrics, cardboard, and others. This means that you are not limited to printing on paper, as long as the print media has smooth surfaces, it is easy to get high-quality prints with the use of litho printing services.

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