Exhibition Display Stands – 8 Helpful Tips

8 Helpful Tips for Attracting Customers to Your Exhibition Display Stand

Exhibitions, expos, and trade fairs are a fantastic way to get customers to notice your business. While acquiring an allocated space at such events can be costly, they are often worth it for the sake of brand exposure, customer and community engagement, and scoping out trends in similar industries. Your exhibition display stand has only one shot to make an impression and leave an impact on prospective clients, which is why it’s essential to get it right. Below, we take a quick look at eight helpful tips to get those customers to notice you first.

  1. Draw Positive Attention to Yourself

The sky is the limit when it comes to some of the exciting ways in which you can draw attention to your brand. Remember, other exhibition display stands will be doing the same thing, and you will have some competition on your hands. The best way to draw positive attention to yourself depends upon your target market. If your product or service caters to children, for example, an in-costume brand mascot is a great eye-catcher. Music, interactive technology, and even showy colours are all ideas that can set you apart from the crowd.

  1. Provide an Interactive Space

People like to be a part of something fun, and involving them in your space is a great way to gain loyal customers. Think about a few comfortable couches where they could sit and rest if need be. Technology such as virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR), and even games to get people excited about your brand, are all ways to draw a crowd of go-getters.

  1. Bold Visuals Are Essential

At an expo or trade show, the last thing you want is for your exhibition display to fade into the background. Bold graphics, out-of-the-box design, and striking colours are already half the battle won. Next, you need content that is clear and communicates your message boldly. With all these facets in place, your stand is sure to make an impression.

  1. Communicate Your Brand Identity Well

Your brand identity is not just your logo or the colour shirt your staff wear. It’s who you are, expressed in a visual form that is instantly recognisable whenever a client encounters you again. Whatever the values, mission, and aesthetic of your brand, be sure to pull these golden threads into your exhibition display.

  1. Boast Your Best-Selling Products and Services

Your exhibition display is going to draw a lot of people who have never before encountered your company, so you want to put your best foot forward first. Make your most popular products and services the highlight of your space, and once customers are drawn in, give them a chance to explore what sets you apart from similar competitors.

  1. Contact Existing Customers as a Marketing Strategy 

Creating a little hype before the event gives customers who have been meaning to check you out for a while the opportunity to engage with you. Use social media, email newsletters, and other marketing strategies to convince customers – old and new – to pop by for a visit.

  1. Freebies Always Draw Customers

Take a walk through any trade show, and you will find that those with free snacks, refreshments, and goody bags on offer seem to receive more attention. Giveaways and free merchandise might cost a little extra, but they serve as a powerful, tangible reminder of your brand.

  1. Partner with a Great Visual Solutions Company

Lastly, and most importantly, making your exhibition display as impactful as possible all comes down to the quality of the design of your stand. This is where we at Gawk come in, providing you with cutting-edge creativity and effective marketing design.

If you are seeking to invest in your brand with exhibition display stands that will position you ahead of the rest, contact our innovative team today.