Advertising and Branding – Display Banners

Advertising and Branding With the Use of Colourful Display Banners

In addition to their obvious role in advertising and branding, the highly visible display banners are often the only way in which a company can ensure that its presence is noted. The same, of course, applies to both large and small businesses and can be especially relevant in locations where large numbers of eager vendors are gathered in a relatively confined space and competing against one another for the attention of visitors with whom they are hoping to generate sales.

In such circumstances, a couple of sufficiently large feather banners, sometimes described as a telescopic flags, or some of the sharkfin or wing versions could provide all of the important visibility that your business needs in an open air location. For indoor use, free-standing models that are supported by either L-shaped or X-shaped frames are designed to provide a similar function. For even greater visibility the use of a graphic cube that can be tailored to your desired size provides a mechanism for advertising and branding with the aid of multi-faced display banners that may be suspended from a ceiling and that allow your marque or your message to be viewed from all directions.

Other items that are suitable for suspension in indoor locations make use of rectangular frames that may be prepared to custom sizes and that are designed to hold graphic designs printed on PVC, paper or fabric. These designs may be interchanged at will, both quickly and with very little effort. A cylindrical unit could also be used to house panoramic or multiple images and may, if desired, also be lit internally, rather like an outsized lampshade, to ensure that it will attract even more attention.

It has become a common practice for companies to seek exposure by sponsoring various events. Occasions such as seminars, charity runs, golf days and school swimming galas all provide a perfect stage for their advertising and branding exercises in which the extensive use of display banners can play an important role. Nothing confirms ownership of an event more than rows of these silent but eye-catching messengers in one or more of their available formats each proclaiming your message or showcasing your logo and distinctive corporate colours.

Supplemented by other branded items such as folders, pens, programs scorecards, T-shirts, caps and other promotional goods, the short-term impact created on the day can be reinforced and sustained and provides a powerful tool for community marketing campaigns. On a larger scale, sponsorship of major events such as pro soccer, cricket or rugby can make use of precisely the same principles in order to provide national or even international advertising and branding opportunities in which those display banners will be featured prominently in TV broadcasts, the press and digital media both at home and abroad.

Ultimately, these products, regardless of their size, shape and location, merely provide the surfaces to which your specific designs must then be affixed. In order to ensure the desired impact, many companies will turn to their regular ad agency for assistance in developing a design concept. Once agreement over the design is reached, the necessary graphics will normally be generated by the agency although actual printing will most often need to be outsourced.

The final quality of your printed items will only be as good as the material on which they are printed will allow. Coarser fabrics such as canvas are not designed to accept high resolution images so for advertising and branding purposes, when selecting display banners the best choice is to opt for a synthetic fabric which is just as durable but is able to support the type of crystal clear, high definition print that will immediately highlight your company as one that is dedicated to quality.

The team at Podd Display has a long history of success in this specialised field and a portfolio of prestigious clients whose loyalty bears testament to this claim. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of all of our clients, both large and small, and are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure their total satisfaction. With the support of our highly talented graphic design team, the facilities for digital and litho printing and one of the widest range of products in the country, we will take your corporate image and design concepts and realise them in brilliant colours, true to your corporate pallet, to create a turnkey advertising and branding solution with our quality display banners.