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Cost-Effective Display Products

6 Different Cost-Effective Display Products and Their Applications

Any marketing professional will tell you that visibility of a brand is one of the cornerstones of marketing. Advertising a product, service, or brand will alert the potential customer of its presence in the marketplace, and also create familiarity with the brand. Brand recognition will, in turn, increase a customer base and result in better sales. In order to make a brand visible, it has to be on display. Most traditional display or advertising methods can be expensive, but there are a variety of cost-effective display products available on the market that will help you get your brand noticed without spending a fortune! Our experts at Podd Display, a company in Gauteng that specialises in display units of all shapes and sizes, recommend the following display products.

  1. Digital Kiosks: One of the best ways to get your brand noticed in a public space is with a digital kiosk. These are temporary kiosks that are pre-made and assembled at a venue, such as a shopping mall, a sports event, a trade show, or exhibition. It is usually populated with tablets that are secured to the kiosk. Interactive software is loaded onto the tablets or computers, and people are able to interact with the product through the software. These are very useful because they can answer questions, provide information about the product or brand, and answer questions. It provides an experience for the potential customer that makes the brand unforgettable.
  1. Exhibition Stands: One of the most practical display products is a custom-made exhibition stand. This provides you with a great chance to grab attention at an exhibition. Space at these events costs a lot, and having an exhibition stand built that allows you to make the most of the available space can add a lot of attraction to your brand.
  1. Branded Gazebos: Because gazebos are high and stand out above the heads of people, they are easy to notice at any event. They also provide an intimate area where the customers can interact with other display products and the brand itself. They are practical for use outdoors and indoors, and when used outdoors, they provide excellent protection against wind, rain, and the hot sun!
  1. Banners and Flags: Display products from Podd Display also include a variety of banners and flags. These can be made up in different shapes, including feather banners, rectangular banners, and many more. The brand or message is printed on the banner, and because banners and flags tend to move in the wind, they attract the eye to the movement. This makes them excellent display products at very reasonable costs.
  1. Display Walls: These are basically walls constructed of a frame with a branded layer of fabric attached to it. The branded fabric can be interchanged and the frame for the wall set up really easily. These are often visible at red-carpet events, and serve as a backdrop for photographs.
  1. Brochure Stands: If you want to display products at any point of sale or at a specific spot, such as on a hotel desk or tourism office, attractive brochure stands are a must. Brochure stands can be specifically custom-made to accommodate your brochures or flyers, and they keep the brochures intact, tidy, and together. This allows customers to take one as needed.

There are many other display products that can be used to display your products at a fraction of the cost of a television ad or a print campaign. For more suggestions about display products and where to use these, please contact our experts at Podd Display!