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Creating Mega-Impressive Exhibition Display Stands

5 Top Tips on Creating Mega-Impressive Exhibition Display Stands

If you have an exhibition planned, you will probably be researching ways to make your exhibition display stands stand out above the competition. Visibility is a big thing when it comes to advertising and promotion, and at an exhibition, you have to compete with many other businesses that are also out to get maximum exposure. The exhibition hall will be buzzing with people, both exhibitors and attendees, so you have to ensure that your exhibition display stands are able to draw the eye and keep potential clients interested once they are visiting your stand. Here, we provide you with some great tips on how to create the most impressive exhibition display stands.

  1. Create an Impact: Your exhibition stand has to be well-designed and noticeable. There are a few ways in which this can be achieved, but one of the best is to add extra height to the stand to display your logo above the others. Another way to make an impact is to use colours that draw the eye. You can also place feather banners or flags showing the direction towards your stand. If your stand does not have a roof or covering overhead, a branded gazebo can also help the stand to be more noticeable, and provide an intimate space for guests to interact with your product.
  1. Great Lighting: Lighting is the facial make-up of your exhibition stand. It can draw attention to the most important parts of the stand, such as the logo, and can highlight areas that should be seen. You can also use LED lighting strips or spotlights in the stand to focus on the correct areas. Take note, however, that too much lighting can put people off and make your stand look like a spaceship. If you choose a great display professional to help with the lighting, you will get it just right.
  1. Offer Refreshments: The average visitor spends between four and six hours at an exhibition. This means that they move from stand to stand all day, and that they get tired! If you would like to keep them in your exhibition stand for a while, offer refreshments like drinks and snacks, and they are more likely to hover around while they check out your products. You may also want to provide some seating, so that they can take weight of their feet while they have a rest.
  1. Visual Media: Another way to keep people at your stand is to provide a screening area where you can show a presentation or video about your product. A video or presentation allows the sales people manning the stand to interact with visitors and answer questions, while other guests gather their information about the product or service from the video or presentation.
  1. Interactive Media: People love experiences, and providing interactive media, such as interactive programs or software with tablets or computers at your exhibition display stand gives them an opportunity to experience your service or product at their own pace. This experience will be more memorable than all the other places where they only looked at products and collected brochures.

Interactive media can also be very helpful because it allows you to gather information about the visitor. This information can then be used for analysis, and to contact parties pro-actively in future.

If you need any more tips on creating spectacular exhibition display stands that will knock the socks off your competitors, contact our creative team at Podd Display!