Effectively Use Snap Frames for Visible Product Display

How To Effectively Use Snap Frames for Visible Product Display

Display and visibility are crucial aspects to getting your product, service, or brand noticed. Whether you are at a trade show, a retail environment, an awards evening, or an exhibition, you should always be looking for new and innovative ways of getting your potential customers to get a look at your brand. If possible, you can even present them with an opportunity to interact with your brand in order to familiarise them with the potential of the brand to be helpful to them. This will, in turn, encourage them to invest in your brand by buying your products or making use of your services. While there are many different ways to get your brand noticed, traditional advertising media, such as television and printed advertisements in magazines and newspapers can be very expensive. There are ways to find cost-effective ways to advertise your brand. The use of clip frames can be immensely helpful and effective.

Clip frames have been around for some time, and they were originally designed and manufactured to allow the display of posters or information printed on paper in an organised and tidy manner. Because the poster or image is in a frame, it stays flush against the wall or surface on which it is mounted, and because the image is covered with a glass or Perspex cover, it protects the poster from external damage, such as wind or rain, or even vandalism.

Modern clip frames are made with lightweight materials, and come in wide variety of sizes and shapes. It is even possible to have them custom-designed. Most of them are made up of various pieces: the backing, the frame profile, a flat spring, and a lens or cover. The backing can be made of wood, plastic, or even fibreboard, but modern clip frames are usually made of a strong yet lightweight plastic that provides adequate strength to support the poster and the frame, and also to protect the contents of the clip frame. This frame can either be mounted to a vertical surface, such as a wall, or the snap frame can be stood atop a table or horizontal surface with the help of a stand. Some clip frames are double sided and offer the convenience of standing in an A-shape with the poster being displayed on both sides.

Typically, the frame was made of wood, but with the advances in technology, plastic or aluminium is now used because these materials are lightweight and solid. This means that your clip frame is easy to erect wherever, and that the contents can easily be interchanged. Often, there are springs contained in clip frames to snap them open and closed, and ideally, these springs should be constructed of metal to preserve their flexibility and integrity. These springs will usually hold the poster and/or the covering lens in place. Often, the lens (or poster cover) is treated to be glare resistant, and this allows better display without any glare distorting the image inside the clip frames.

Clip frames are highly practical because they can be used immediately, and posters or images can be interchanged quickly. Because the snap frame is a front loading display mechanism, all you have to do is to snap the frame open, lift the lens, remove the existing image or poster, and replace it with another. After this, the cover and lens are snapped shut, and the clip frame can be hung or positioned for maximum visibility. Classic places where clip frames are used are in retail shops to display products on sale, at trade shows to direct people towards a particular stall or location, behind bathroom doors to serve as visual reminders of certain brands, and also outside restaurants to provide an idea of the menu options and prices.

If you are interested in purchasing clip frames to advertise your product, give our experienced team at Podd Display a call. We can even design the contents or the poster for you! Just speak to our professionals, and we will be able to increase your brand visibility with our handy, easy to use clip frames!