Creating the Perfect Portable Kiosk

5 Great Tips for Creating the Perfect Portable Kiosk

Whether you are showcasing your brand at an expo or trade show, setting up a temporary pop-up shop, want to receive people at an event, or provide information, you will need a space to do it from. And your best option for this is more than likely a portable kiosk. After all, you do want to make sure that it is practical and noticeable and showcases your brand or organisation in a professional light.

Here are some handy guidelines to keep in mind to help you create the perfect portable kiosk:

  1. Go Lightweight

More than anything, a portable kiosk needs to be easy to move. Make sure you choose a lightweight option that is easy to carry around and that does not need special transport. Furthermore, also make sure that it can be taken apart and be packed away in a compact manner. This will not only make transport easier but also storage between events.

  1. Easy Does It

Another very important feature of a portable kiosk is that it should be super-easy to set up. You should not need to carry a box of tools around with you, nor should you need the help of an expert. It should also not take you half a day. You want a solution that can be done by hand, and in mere minutes.

  1. Design for Purpose

Think of what it is that you or your audience will be doing at the stand. Then make sure that the stand can accommodate that activity comfortably. Remember that the visual design should link to this. Should it be bold and attract attention?

  1. Make It Interactive

People like to be entertained. Attract their attention and keep it by making use of video displays, touchscreen activities, digital signage, or whatever other interactive feature is relevant and fits your brand or product and your business objective.

  1. Choose Something That Is Reusable

Cost efficiency is always an important consideration. Choose a portable kiosk design that can easily be reused. Tension fabric displays, for example, are exceptionally durable, and you can simply replace the printed fabric when the visual promotion changes, rather than creating an entire new stand from scratch.

Alternatively, you can just get in touch with Gawk, the branding innovators, and let our expert team guide you through our range of innovative products. As expert visual engineers, we will be able to assess your objective and provide you with the perfect portable kiosk to suit the needs of your business or event.