Teardrop Banners to Increase Your Brand Visibility

Use Teardrop Banners to Increase Your Brand Visibility at Outdoor Events

We have all heard of branding and it is often discussed, yet very few people, even marketing experts, always know exactly how to define it. Branding is a culmination of many different concepts and characteristics, which include the colour and typography that a business chooses to represent them.

Other typical aspects include images, designs, logos, and many other elements that will provide a business with a particular identity and character. The branding is put together to appeal to a certain group of people that will usually form the customer base of the business (also known as the target market).

In order to gain business from the relevant customer base, it is vital that the branding is visible to them, and that they become familiar with the brand’s presence and services or products that the business offers. The aim of branding is to create a lasting and memorable impression. In turn, this will create familiarity with the business. This is where advertising comes in. There is a wide variety of media to help make the branding visible to the potential customer – one of the most popular (but also the most expensive) is television and print advertising. Other methods could include having teardrop banners and flags in certain locations that draw the eye and increase the visibility of the brand to the customer.

When it comes to outdoor events, teardrop banners are particularly effective at increasing brand visibility. When placed strategically at events such as sports days and trade shows, they can provide great benefits to the company and encourage potential customers to become interested in the brand.

Teardrop banners are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, and these are very easy to set up at most locations. When used outdoors, they move in the wind, and the movement draws the eye of the consumer. Teardrop banners can be double sided or single sided, and both of these provide distinct advantages when it comes to display power. Single-sided units consist of a sheet of fabric pulled over a frame, and they have the image or message printed on the one side of the banner. This, however, often results in the reverse of the banner being displayed on the other side. This could cause some confusion and make the message impossible to read. On the plus side, single-sided units cost less to print than double-sided banners. If the teardrop banner is likely to be used against a wall or other backdrop, so that only the one side will be visible, then they will work wonderfully. If both sides of the banner will be visible, a double-sided teardrop banner is often the better choice.

Double-sided units have two pieces of printed fabric instead of one. This means that the image or branding can be printed on both sides, and they will be visible individually, without one blending into the other when the light shines through the banner. These are better to use outdoors because if they move in the wind, both sides will display the desired message. Another advantage of double-sided teardrop banners is that you can have two different images printed on the fabric, and as such, you can display two distinctly different messages that may appeal to more than one target group.

Teardrop banners are constructed and designed to be weatherproof, which means that they won’t fade in the sun and can withstand reasonably strong winds, as well as rain. It is vital that you choose a supplier that you can trust with the design and robust construction of your teardrop banners. At Gawk, we are experts in our field. Give us a call today to find out more about our range of teardrop banners and how they can be used to promote your brand.