Evolution of The Exhibition Stands

The Evolution of The Humble Exhibition Stand

It must be said, from a bygone era where products (or salesmen!) were expected to sell themselves and exhibition stands were little more than a table and chair beneath a tent, things sure have changed! Driven largely by public expectations around visual presentation, this in turn has been driven by companies competing with one another to stand out from the competition, impress first time clients, and draw attention, especially when massed together at industry trade shows and the like.

Today’s exhibition stands are remarkably quick and easy to erect, while also drawing inspiration from the realms of ergonomics, graphic design, marketing, and advertising. Today, for example, the folding steel table has been replaced by products like Gawk’s Triga Go® Plinth. A flat pack modular plinth that serves as a focal point at trade shows and other exhibitions. It requires no tools, packs into a satchel bag, and goes up and comes down in around five minutes. Being modular, it’s possible to add onto the central plinth, making variable retail promotions a cinch, while temporary product displays too are enhanced by smart, modern design. Draped in full colour textile print, everything about it yells “Come hither!”

Modern Exhibition Stands Are All About Ease of Use and Great Display

A big hassle factor is eliminated by using modern exhibition stands, namely portability. Exhibition stands always demand portability, as exhibitions are momentary happenings, requiring companies to get in, set up to best effect, and knock down in a few days. The user experience is factored into modern exhibition stands, meaning that they’re ideally light and easy to flat pack, but also portable within the duration and available space of any exhibition. This allows for daily repackaging of your exhibition, and their modular nature also means that as demands change during a trade show or exhibition, components can be added or removed to accommodate traffic and sales.

Pop-up abilities aren’t the only consideration behind exhibition stands, however, as a surprisingly large collection of considerations are capably met by today’s exhibition stands. Visual appeal and positioning are marketing considerations, both on the day and in terms of longer-term branding. Exhibition stands should also engage with customers, or at least facilitate such engagement, and its ergonomic impact plays a role in the design too. Mobile marketing would be lost without smart exhibition stands of some description, and ditto retail displays or sampling sessions, as well as brand activation or direct marketing overtures.

Make Every Exhibition Count

Returning to the fact that both retail and B2B clients have enlarged and informed demands of any company’s presentation, there are subtle values at play behind any exhibition stand. People gravitate towards the new, the stylish, and the dynamic. These are all good adjectives to employ when evaluating your exhibition stand too, because the absence of any one component means reduced engagement and, ultimately, ROI.

Exhibitions have certainly become easier in terms of the time taken to ship and erect your exhibition stand, but they’re still extraneous yet welcome opportunities to do some wholesale marketing or generate sales. To that extent, they need to bring home a return on the investment of time and money spent on presenting professionally. That ROI demands nothing but the most visually appealing and people-friendly exhibition stands available, and no business looking ahead can afford to skimp on presentation while investing in exhibiting. Returns come from what’s been put into the presentation, and here exhibition stands come into their own.

Gawk is Exhibition Stand Central

Gawk has a long history of outdoing exhibitors’ expectations of exhibition stands, display stands, and all possible supporting paraphernalia. When quality counts, call on us for all your exhibition stand needs, and we guarantee you the best possible presentation of your company with our smart range of exhibition aids. Quality workmanship and dynamic design meet at Gawk, so call us to make your next exhibition a roaring success-we’re only a phone call away!