Incredible Backdrops with Branded Banner Walls

Fully Branded Banner Walls to Create Incredible Backdrops 

If you think of a banner wall, the graphic display surface used as a backdrop in an exhibition stand comes to mind, but did you know these can also be used as backdrops for Zoom meetings? What about scene creation for YouTube videos or photo shoots?

With an exceptional range of applications, banner walls have become essential display tools for applications ranging from exhibition booths to pop-up restaurant sceneries and in between. Journey with us as we walk you through some applications, the benefits of these displays, and the features which set our products apart from other display formats. View examples of these types of banners here.

Photography Backdrops

With the frame hidden, the backdrop is the perfect way to cut costs in relation to photography. Instead of having to venture to an outdoor scenery or even create the desired indoor setting to take pictures, have a banner wall printed. You can purchase stock photos to use, saving even more money and time. Create backdrops ranging from bricks to mountains, the sea, and more. Have a look at our fabric print options to get an idea of what is possible.


Virtual Meetings

If the virtual backgrounds available take up too much bandwidth or you do not want to use a green screen, why not have the desired backdrops printed on banner walls? You can replace the surface without having to purchase a new frame. If you make YouTube videos or present online courses, having an appropriate background adds a layer of professionalism. Get several of these printed through the use of digital printing technology to have the desired set ready when needed.


Exhibition Graphic Backdrops

With our large format digital printing services, we make it possible to print an entire hallway or booth wall setting. Whether you want to print a repeated design, such as your logo on each panel or want a larger-than-life scenery, we make it possible with our superior print and design capacity. Read about our graphic design services here to get an idea of how we can help you create attention-grabbing exhibition backdrops.


Portable Banner Wall Structures

Want to move panels from one location to another? It is no problem when you make use of our services. With these lightweight frames, deployment is fast, while the surface can be folded for easy storage in a carry bag. The print takes up the entire surface, making it possible to put three or more adjacent to each other without the nuisance of frames on the side to interrupt the scene. The lightweight feature of these structures makes it possible to carry them around without the need for special equipment.


Other uses include, but are not limited to:

  • · Matric farewell events
  • · Wedding events
  • · Product launches
  • · Sport events
  • · Seminars
  • · Real estate home or estate promotions
  • · Retail centre central exhibition spaces
  • · In-store promotions

What Makes Our Backdrop Display Structures Unique?

Our products are designed for easy deployment, minimising the time it takes to set up a promotion or exhibition stand. The frame is integrated, meaning no loose parts. It can collapse for compact storage and portability.


We offer various sizes, which include:

· 2,25 m x 0,75 m

· 2,25 m x 1,45 m

· 2,25 m x 2,25 m

· 2,25 m x 2,9 m

You have the options of single- and double-sided seamless, full colour dye-sublimated print on fabric. All prints are high resolution for crisp and clear images. The products come with carry bags.

Take your virtual meetings, events, and promotions to a new level of engagement with superior-quality prints to create stunning portable walls. Have a look at our range of fully branded banners here.