Pull Up Banners in Marketing and Promotion

5 Popular Uses for Pull Up Banners in Marketing and Promotion

A pull up banner is a type of display wall that is portable, easy to erect, compact for easy storage, and lightweight. These and other features make it the perfect display option for a wide range of applications. Read on to discover popular applications with small and large business owners, trainers, and exhibitors alike.

1. Product and Concept Presentations

These display products can be erected along the sides of the steps leading to the stage or used next to the speaker podium to build brand awareness. The website address or product image can feature on the print surface to give essential information. When the keynote address or product promotion presentation is video recorded and shared on social media platforms, the brand message is reinforced.

2. Trade Shows to Attract Visitors to Specific Exhibition Halls or Stands

Trade shows often attract thousands of visitors. With numerous halls or exhibition areas, it can be difficult for visitors to navigate to their favoured exhibits. The print displays provide them with visual clues as to the nature of exhibits in specific halls, helping them with navigation. The pull up banners can also be used at the various exhibition stands to draw attention to flagship products.

3. Point-of-Sale Materials in Retail Stores

A large retailer, wanting to highlight specials in a stylish way, can use the portable pull up banners for the purpose. When a promotion is over, the retailer can store the display stand and print surface or just replace the print surface with another branded one without having to replace the frame structure. These types of displays do not take up a lot of floorspace, making them ideal for displays in stores. The displays can also be retracted and stored in carry bags.

4. Real Estate Staging

Real estate agents require jaw-dropping showstoppers when they launch the opening of new estates or want to stage open houses. These display products are perfect for the task as they are portable, print exchangeable, and lightweight. The large print surfaces make it possible to have the desired message or image printed in high-resolution to attract the sought-after attention.

5. Welcoming Message for Guests at Corporate Events

Corporations and conference event organisers can use these to welcome guests with appropriate messages. The displays are placed at the entrance of the event hall.

Other places to use pull up banners include:

  • · Sport events to give sponsors highly visible mediums for their brand messages
  • · Vehicle dealerships to promote specific vehicle brands
  • · Market stalls to display menus

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