iPad Kiosks

How iPad Kiosks Transform Customer Service

iPad kiosks have the potential to transform the retail and restaurant industries. Buyers of the iPad point-of-sale kiosks have the ability to customise the touchscreens and functionality of the devices to meet their particular requirements. The kiosk frames provide for attractive, sturdy and highly visible structures, which also protect the iPads.

Customers want interactivity and this is exactly what the business owner can offer them when investing in iPad kiosks. Businesses most likely to benefit from such digital kiosks are the hospitality, retail, and museum or tourism types of establishments.

What the iPad Kiosks Do for Business

Business owners are always looking for ways in which to streamline communication with clients. These kiosks provide the answer. Customers can get more information, perform price checks, do transactions and even add feedback in-store at retail outlets. Fewer floor assistants are needed and with self-help options available, customers can get quick service without having to deal with sales pitches.

Retail outlets, such as cellphone service providers, can use the kiosks to direct, queue customers and notify the consultants about which types of services are needed.

The iPad kiosks are equally useful at trade exhibitions where the exhibitors don’t have enough manpower or even space for personnel. They are able to provide visitors with self-help options and information at the touch of a screen. The visitors can add their information to the tablet or iPad and have a consultant call them back. They are able to place their orders on the spot without ever having to talk to a sales person.

More and more restaurants are using iPad kiosks as waiter service stations. The waiter inputs the order and can customise it according to the patron’s specific order requests. The order is then printed out in the kitchen or simply available on-screen in the kitchen or bar. This saves time, improves control and reduces mistakes. The same system is used for stock monitoring, cash-ups and tax records.

Museums and tourism establishments use the kiosks as information centres for the visitors. Adding interactivity to a gallery or museum improves the visitor’s experience. Likewise, tourism information centres offer additional information through touchscreen technology.

Retailers and exhibitors are able to collect useful customer data through the kiosks. The customers willingly give their details and the retailers thus act within the boundaries of the law in requesting information that they can use to direct their branding and marketing efforts. Shopping centres add iPad kiosks at strategic points as information centres – giving more advertising opportunities for their shops and providing visitors with directions, an overview of specials and the ability to purchase vouchers.

Kiosks can automate many processes and thus reduce the workload of in-store assistants, while also reducing the frustration for the customer wanting a straightforward quick-reference answer or needing to quickly get a specific product.

Kiosk Structure

Having such information centres without maximising on branding and advertising opportunities means that the business is losing out on potential exposure. We offer businesses the opportunity to house their iPads in sturdy, robust and highly attractive structures. Branding surfaces are available and the customers can immediately see where they can get more information or make purchases. With our high-quality printing, the available kiosk designs and super-fast turnaround on prints, we ensure that business owners or exhibitors can quickly add more iPad kiosks to their display or service spaces.

The kiosks also serve the purpose of protecting against damage and theft. With the secure fitment of the iPad or tablet in the kiosk frame, with swivel action where relevant, the tablet or iPad cannot be stolen or damaged on purpose. Getting back to the swivel action – with variable heights, swivel action and displays, we ensure more convenience in usage and thus less frustration for the user.

Revolutionise your retail store, exhibition or restaurant through the addition of fully custom branded iPad kiosks to streamline transactions, add more interactivity and give the customer more service options. Contact us for a quote on the kiosk of choice.