Make An Impact With A Banner Wall

Make an Impact with a Banner Wall

The banner wall has become a logical solution where it can be erected or mounted, simply because its effect is so eye-catching and exponentially grand. Size counts when it comes to display at times, and simply by taking in a picture or other signage the size of a banner wall, it means it is more impactful on the human brain. We like large displays for a reason, because it is out of our conventional paradigm, the conventual dimensions we associate with whatever it is we are viewing.

That might sound like it is not such a big a deal, but right now, a banner wall is still making a disproportionately large impact in advertising displays, and that is unlikely to change. It is less about dominating a space than about framing it with a banner wall. It is all of the impact with none of the saturation of hostility advertisers can sometimes generate when they seek to flood a space with their displays. In spite of their size, these backdrops have a polite greatness that succeeds in engagement, while leaving an unforgettable impact.

Spare a Thought for the Bygone Age

In the past, building a banner wall or draping to that scale was an arduous task, which was the reason why most did not attempt it. With high costs, slow production, and lots of teething problem potential, giant signage of the last century was simply difficult. Before the rise of digital printing, the print quality on that scale was also a challenge.

This is not so today, as professional printers like Gawk have a book of knowledge and a tenacity in design that allows for the most diverse and aesthetically grand displays imaginable. Refined materials and processes today enable banner walls of magnificence, and the question now is more where to build it, not whether it is possible or whether it will look good.

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Gawk has always been chomping at the bit, pushing the boundaries of print size and quality in the South African arena. We are print purists, and we aim at nothing but the best quality outcomes for our customers as a matter of pride and professional principle.

These are lofty words that many employ, except that we are not joking, and that is the reason our clients keep coming back. The Gawk difference is easy to spot, and our clients are those who have realised that the best end result costs no more than any other. Call on us first when you want to get building on that banner wall, and we will supply the right materials, architecture, consumables, and print quality to make it exceptional!