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Digital Printing: What You Need to Know to Make a Decision

Digital Printing: Everything You Need to Know to Make a Decision

Digital printing technology has made it possible to produce a wide range of prints on an equally impressive range of surfaces. Prints can be in the form of a banner, billboard, backlit sign in a retail store, or a brochure at an exhibition. But once you have to print on a specific size or type of surface, you will want to know what is meant with small, wide, and grand format prints.

In this article, we dive into the details of what the technology entails, the advantages it holds, and the differences between small, wide, and grand prints to help you decide which format is best suited for your project.

What is Digital Printing?

It refers to the technology used to print images directly onto a range of surfaces. With this technology, the design file can be sent directly from the computer to the print press to create eye-catching and high-quality prints on surfaces ranging from fabric to paper, vinyl, photo paper, wood, and more. The technology has several advantages, which include:

  • · Low print cost per item
  • · Fast delivery of the print work
  • · Colour brilliance and a range of gradient options, with almost any colour print possible
  • · Straightforward process
  • · Small- and large-volume prints possible
  • · Low environmental impact

When is Offset Print Technology Used?

Offset print technology is best suited for large-volume prints, whereas digital can handle small- and large-volume print jobs. Offset print technology is suited for the production of, for instance, a magazine or book run of 1000+ copies.


What is Large Format Digital Printing?

It is a type of print that makes it possible to produce prints on surfaces of 45,72 cm (18 inches) and larger. Some call it wide format print technology. Although not incorrect, wide format refers to the width and is a form of large format print application.


What is the Difference Between Large and Small Format Digital Printing?

Small format print applications range from 45,72 cm and smaller, though up to 48 cm can still count in this category. Small format prints include everything from keyrings and business cards to greeting cards, calendars, pamphlets, brochures, and small posters. Small format prints are used for point-of-sale materials, handouts, etc. Large quantities can be produced at an affordable price.


What is the Difference Between Wide and Grand Format Digital Printing?

Both types entail large format prints, with the difference being that wide refers to the width of print that can be as wide as 254 cm (100 inches), while grand refers to prints that are even wider.


How Does the Equipment for Large and Small Format Digital Printing Differ?

For small format prints, the standard print equipment can be used, but with large format prints, the surfaces are too big for the conventional print rollers. For this, special high-tech equipment is essential. The large format printer is either flatbed or roller based. The materials for prints differ from that of small format print technology. With large format, prints can be done on surfaces ranging from fabric and canvas to wood, vinyl, aluminium, and glass.


When is a Roll-to-Roll Printer Used and When is the Flatbed Technology Better?

The one is not superior to the other. The application determines which one to use. For flexible surfaces with the likes of vinyl, the roll-to-roll type is used, whereas for rigid surfaces like wood or hard plastic, the flatbed type is used.


Which Types of Advertising Materials Can be Printed Through Large Format Technology?

This type of printing makes it possible to print high-quality outdoor and indoor signs, in addition to:

  • · Conventional banners
  • · Banner walls
  • · A-frame banners
  • · Roll-up banners
  • · Billboards
  • · Murals
  • · Floor decals
  • · Backlit advertising boards
  • · Various types of wall graphics
  • · Vehicle wraps

To Wrap it Up

Now that you have a better idea of what is possible with digital printing, you can make the best choice for your next advertising, branding, or marketing print project. Reach out to discuss your needs.