Podd Display – Affordable Branding

Podd Display – Affordable Branding Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Marketing

At Podd Display, we provide you with the means to affordable branding with an extensive range of high-quality products. Some of our display products are briefly introduced below, giving you an idea of how Podd Display can help you develop a strong visual presence with affordable branding.

Brochure Stands

We offer everything from Z-fold and Versolite to Infomax brochure stands. The Z-fold stands are extremely compact and can fit into storage bags for easy transportation, while the Versolite type features a lightweight aluminium frame and flight case, reducing the cost of air transport to various exhibitions. The Infomax type has a chrome frame and transparent brochure holders for a stylish display and maximum visibility of your branding materials.

The brochure stands are easy to set up, requiring no technical knowledge and will improve the display quality of your branded materials. With the vertical designs, the stands take up virtually no floor space, meaning more walking space, also when used in retail and office capacities.

Clip Frames

As a retailer, you know how important it is to protect your advertising material, promotion special ads and general branding against environmental factors and vandalism. Keep the displays neat and attractive with our sturdy clip frames. We offer you single and double clip frames. Replacing your brand material, such as posters, is as easy as opening the clip frames and inserting the new posters. With anodised finishes, you can be sure of the attractiveness of the displays.

Pop-up Walls

The Podd Display commitment to affordable branding options for clients is evident in our Pop-up wall systems, which are available in various sizes.  The walls are highly efficient, can be erected anywhere you need and will certainly make your trade booth stand out. Also use the walls for conferences, special exhibitions, in your retail store, at corporate sponsor events, sport events, estate development promotions and special product launches. Versatile, durable and low in maintenance, these walls are what you need to make your brand message highly visible.

Promo Counters

Promote your products and services in-store, at trade exhibitions and special events with our lightweight, but sturdy and attractive promo counters which can be branded according to your specific requirements. We offer the Promo kiosk and the Promomax promo counter. The Promo kiosk has the typical ticket booth or kiosk appearance with the Promomax having a curved counter for the modern look and feel. The units are portable, lightweight and easy to set up. Keep the structures and simply change the printing for different applications, making the counters the affordable branding vehicles that you need.

The portable Promo kiosk packs flat for storage and transportation, and is well suited for promotions in-store and at tradeshows. The tops can be colour coded and we offer you branding with full colour digital printing on the skirt and the header panels. We offer the unit in anodised aluminium or black plastic with its carry bag. The Promomax counter is the solution for road shows, flea markets, trade shows and in-store marketing. It also packs flat and is stored in two carry bags. The top can be colour coded and branding can be done according to your requirements. We offer full colour digital printing with lamination.

Light Boxes

Add flair to in-store advertising, retail centre promotions and trade show exhibitions with our high-quality digital light boxes. We offer you the Slimline LED and the Standard light box. These boxes provide for attractive visual displays and exceptional visibility of the message. Use such to promote specific products in a stylish manner. The Standard light box is powered with slimline florescent light tubes and the box can be used indoors or outdoors. The display is protected against weather elements, while the clip frame makes it easy to change displays. It comes in anodised aluminium and is available with 220V plug on request. The LED light box packs flat, is available in black and silver, and we can brand the tops according to your requirements.

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